Editing appointments

Creating appointments

You can create appointments very easily. Simply click on the Create Date subitem, and you access the window for creating new appointments directly:

If you have not previously selected any Day view, the appointment calendar simply jumps to tomorrow’s date, but that is not very important: Under

  • Beginning

You now have the opportunity to enter the date and time on which the appointment begins.

  • End

You can enter the date and time when the appointment ends. You can also select the times from a list as soon as you have clicked on the down arrow.

  • Appointment

Now you can enter the current appointment. The appointment that you have entered now also appears in the day, week, and month view. If you want to input a

  • Description

of the appointment, you can do so in the slightly larger field under Appointment.

However, the Description is not shown on the overview pages. It only serves as a memory aid and is then displayed when you click on the appointment in one of the views and then again change to the Edit mode.

In the field below it you can assign the appointment to a

  • Category

- for example session, quiz, excursion, test, birthday, family or holiday are also possible. Depending on the category, the appointment will be displayed in a different colour. If you do not select a category, the default setting is Other.

  • Visibility

With the options private or public next to the Visibility designation, you state whether the appointment should only be visible in your Stud.IP calendar or whether it should also be displayed on your personal homepage.

Only the public appointments of the next two weeks are displayed on your personal homepage. Appointments which lie outside this time window or are marked private do not appear.
  • Room

In the Room field you can enter where the appointment will take place.

  • Priority

Here you can specify how important an appointment is. You can assign priorities from one to five.

Repetition of appointments

If you desire to have an appointment repeated at intervals (e.g. birthdays, which reoccur reliably every year), that is not a problem either. First you click on the Create Date subitem again and scroll down to the repetition field. There you can specify whether an appointment should be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or even annually there.

With a click on the Change appointment or Save appointment the final date is saved.

The Stud.IP appointment calendar offers many options. Take some time to experiment. You cannot cause any damage. In order to delete an appointment explicitly and irrevocably, you must expressly click on Delete in the Edit view.

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