Advantage of the Login

You will probably very quickly encounter a Registration/Login screen (termed Login in the following), which requests that you enter a user name and a password.

This hurdle may initially appear senseless, but we can provide a large number of advantages for you in this manner. The system always knows who you are. This means that you will be given your own personally adapted Start page in the system, on which only information relevant to you will be displayed:

  • You see all the courses in which you are enrolled at a glance. It makes no difference what your function in the course is, i.e. whether you are only a participant, have tutor status or head the course as lecturer. Even if you only follow the courses online, you are always up-to-date and can immediately see on your Start page in which courses something has changed.
  • Registration ensures that no one will be able to misuse your good name, i.e. it ensures that documents or other contributions which bear your name actually originate from you.
  • Stud.IP provides you with a number of useful aids for your daily university routine. Thus, a schedule, which shows your current university week at any time, can be automatically generated from the data of the courses which you have enrolled in. Changes are implemented immediately. In addition, there is an Appointment calendar, which also shows you the appointments of all courses in which you participate on demand. Thus, you can quickly obtain an overview of the topics that will be treated in your courses in the next few weeks.
  • You can also set up your own Personal home page in the system. You can voluntarily incorporate your own picture or enter data for your curriculum vitae, on your hobbies, etc. If you are a staff member of a university institution, this information will be automatically used for your display on other pages. As you can see, Stud.IP manages your personal data for you centrally. You only have to change a piece of data at only one place, on your home page, to make your most recent data known throughout the university.

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