The initial registration on the system (termed registration in the following) comprises several steps, which, however, you only have to perform once. The first step is the completion of the registration form, in which we only desire to know basic data about you. You access this form when you click on “Registration” on the start page. Subsequently, you will be requested to read the Terms of use and to signify your acceptance of them. If you agree, you reach the Registration form.

Stud.IP automatically checks the following items and informs you with an error message if there are problems:

  • The Username must not have already been assigned to another user. If this has occurred, you will be informed of it. In this case please consider using another unique username. The username is only used to log into the system. In Stud.IP itself you use your real name. The username is only a single word. Spaces or special characters are not permitted.
  • The Password should consist of more than 4 characters. Shorter passwords are considered to be very insecure and are thus refused..
  • The Password confirmation field is intended as a safeguard. Please enter your password again..
  • The First name and Surname fields must be filled out. After all, we would like to know who you are. If you wish to enter a pre-positioned or post-positioned title, please do so in the “First name” or “Surname” fields.
  • Declaration of your Gender allows correct classification.
  • A valid email address is also an prerequisite for participation in Stud.IP. During the process of registration Stud.IP will contact the mail server to find out whether this address actually exists. You will be unable to sign up, if you enter an email address which does not exist!
  • If the Registration was successful, you receive an appropriate message. You can now immediately begin to explore the system. However, please consider that you are registered in the system with a very low status and will possibly not be able or allowed to use all the features until you have replied to the Confirmation mail, which has been sent to the your declared email address.

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