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Starting point

Reference management allows you to do reference research and to compile your own reference lists. One of the first contact points for this is the information box on the right side:

Click on “Reference search” to search in the connected catalogues or on “Enter new references“ to add books to your reference list. You also have the option of searching for references in the reference lists which have been set up in Stud.IP as well as in the linked library and regional catalogues. For more information see below.

Every source registered is stored in the Stud.IP database with a specific set of metadata (Dublin core). In addition to the option of entering data yourself, it is also possible to search through external library catalogues (e.g. the OPAC of the SUB). In this case a link is stored in the external library system so that the bibliographic information or availability for interlibrary loan can easily be checked. References to these sources can be organised in lists. This option exists for every user, but such a repository also exists for every course or institution. If such a list is made visible, an appropriately formatted list is output — either to one's personal homepage or in the Reference area of a course or institution. All visible lists can be copied into one’s own personal literature area.

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