Setting up new courses

Beginning at the ‘lecturer’ permission level, you can set up courses in Stud.IP - only in case your course does not exist in UniVZ and has to be added manually to Stud.IP because of this. You can find a corresponding link in two ways:

Link on the Start page

You have the option of setting up new courses on your Start page under the “My courses” item.

Link in the courses view

In the courses view (click on the symbol on the header bar) you will find a “Set up new course” link.

Select the Course category

As your first step please select a Course category. The course category has far-reaching consequences.

  • In the Course search mode it is possible to search according to categories
  • The available modules and default settings are configured for different course categories differently

Attention: The Course category cannot be changed after a course has been set up!

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