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Important! Changed course catalog: New from summer semester 2011 Starting from summer semester 2011 Stud.IP includes all courses (over 4500) that are included in the UniVZ-course catalog. Hence you have the possibility to have all course dates displayed in your timetable. Please notice that not all courses are actively used in Stud.IP and are open for enrollment. Please read article 1: "The course is locked" on this page.

With this change we are accomodating a frequently expressed request since so far the timetable function was only partly useable.

Enrollment to a course in Stud.IP

In Stud.IP there are several different types of enrollment to a course. Lecturers decide independently on the suitable type of enrollment.

We distinguish the following types:

1.  The course is locked:

If this message appears independent enrollment is not possible. Starting from summer semester 2011 all courses are automatically imported from UniVZ. Thus from now on all courses can be found in Stud.IP. If a course is locked there are basically two possible explanations:

  1. The course hasn't been unlocked by a lecturerer. The courses are imported before the semester begins so that lecturers have enough time for preparation. Also a few weeks before the semester starts the courses are made visible. Up to this step everything takes place automatically. The lecturers decide independently whether and when they unlock their courses for enrollment. So please check back at a later time again.
  2. The course is permanently locked in Stud.IP, because the respective lecturers are not working with Stud.IP. If a course is locked only the overview page is displayed. However, you can transfer the dates of the course to your timetable and plan your semester this way. Please use the link "Just pencil in the timetable" shown in the grey box on the right side.

For information about enrollment procedures about specific courses please ask the lecturer.

2.  The course has a special enrollment prodecure

Prerequisite for all enrollment procedures (by lot or chronological) is that you have a Studentische Nutzerkennung. This Studentische Nutzerkennung provides Stud.IP with information about your course of studies which are required for the enrollment procedure.

If this message appears use no Studentische Nutzerkennung for the Stud.IP-login. All students and guest auditors that are enrolled can transfer their Stud.IP-account to the Studentische Nutzerkennung by themselves. You will find a link on the Stud.IP start page for this.

This message appears when you don't meet the requirements concerning the field of studies. Some courses are limited to students of specific fields of studies, e.g. Bachelor Agrarwissenschaften or Diplom Physik.

Even if the independent enrollment to a course is not possible, lecturers can in exceptional cases manually add additional students to the course. This is solely decided by the lecturers.

3.  The course is password-protected

It is possible that the teacher added a password for the first session. Everyone who knows the passwort can enroll him/herself to the course. Often passwords are announced during the first meeting of the course. The Studentische Nutzerkennung is not necessary for this. The following message appears:

4.  The enrollment is provisonal

The enrollment to a course takes please in 2 steps. First you enroll yourself to the course and are added to a list of temporarily accepted participants. As soon as a lecturer confirms your participations you will be informed and have full access to the course.

5.  The course is principally open to everyone

There are neither restrictions for participants nor is there a specific time for enrollment for this course. Generally those courses are open to all users of Stud.IP. Therefore you can enroll yourself as a participant for this course.

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