Tips for successful work with the WikiWikiWeb

Cooperation via WikiWikiWebs and successful, joint writing is not as easy as the idea initially sounds. We think that the following tips may assist you in filling the wiki with meaningful life.

  1. The wiki is not a replacement for the Forum and Chat room, but rather a further means of communication and collaboration. All three tools are legitimate means of communication.
  2. The following tasks can be approached with wikis particularly well and easily:
    • Joint collection of links, ideas, reference lists, suggestions, etc.
    • Distribution of report topics, dates and deadlines, assignments, etc.
    • Joint drafting of outlines, agendas, branching structures
  3. Coherent, eloquent texts do not create themselves, but instead require a good deal of practice and above all discipline.
    • Discussions can only be conducted with difficulty in wikis because the text quickly becomes complex, and it is no longer clear what the question and what the answer was, what originated from different autors and what, from the same author. Therefore, it is better to conduct dicussions in the Forum.
    • Metacomments in text should be clearly indicated, for example by using [brackets].
    • Many authors hesitate to change texts written by someone else. Instead, increasingly complex pages with several levels of content develop. Be courageous and change what you think should be changed.
  4. Intensively used, large wikis sooner or later become littered with excessive detail, abandoned branches and contents which are in the wrong place. Please take the time to straighten up the wiki from time to time, to divide pages, to shift information, to delete orphan work, etc. In large groups it can be appropriate to assign this role on a permanent basis.

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