Changing your schedule

If you have not yet designated course appointments and have also not yet used the Schedule wizard, no schedule exists for the course yet. How to use the Schedule wizard is described in detail here.

Here you can (also retroactively) set new appointments, change or delete them.

Manually scheduling course appointments

To manually schedule a course appointment, please click on the Manually schedule course appointments button. You are immediately transferred directly to the Editing course appointments window.

Editing course appointments

To edit a course appointment, click on the arrow at the beginning of the line. The individual course appointment will then be opened and can be edited.

In the Editing window for a course apointment you first see fields on the header bar for the entry of the

  • Date and time

of a course appointment. If you used the schedule wizard for scheduling, entries have already been made here.

  • Under Title

you can enter a name for the course appointment. It should be short, precise and concise — for the exact

  • Description

of what should take place on this course appointment, the larger field below it is also available for your use.

  • Under Room

you can specify the course room. However, this is only necessary if the course will sometimes be conducted in a room other than the one that you have already specified in the basic course data (step 1 of the Course wizard).

  • Type

allows the specification of the type of course appointment. You may choose from the following: session, preliminary discussion, test, field trip, other appointment or special session.

  • Below this you now see two boxes for Place subject in Forum and Set up file folder. The purpose and usefulness of these features has already been described above. Mark the box if you desire subject and folder for the course appointment. If you have already charged the Schedule wizard with the preparation, you do not have to worry about this at all.

To schedule the course appointment in this manner or to save the entries made, click on

Deleting course appointments

To delete one or more course appointments, click on the Course appointment overview page (which shows the complete schedule) in the box at the end of the line containing the course appointment to be deleted. Subsequently, a checkmark appears in the box. Thereupon the course appointment has been marked for deletion. It will only really be deleted if you click on one of the buttons

which you see at the beginning and end of the Schedule.

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