File management

Stud.IP provides very high-performance document management within courses. Each course automatically has virtual course folders in which every person who has enrolled in the corresponding course can file their term papers, summary papers and other materials which are to be made available to the course participants. These materials are then immediately available to all other course participants.

This means: no more annoyance with redundant walks into dusty backrooms of stuffy libraries just to find out that the copy is either not yet there, is still underway or has been stolen.

The files are accessed in two different ways. On the one hand, you find files under the File tab in a course and, on the other hand, you have the option of directly viewing the Schedule (the Schedule tab) to determine which files have already been uploaded. In addition to the date, one or up to five symbols appear, which make it clear whether the files have been placed. With a click on one of the symbols you move directly to File management.

If one opens File management, a page similar to the following appears:

In File management you have the option of moving back and forth between the Folder view and a view of all the course’s files. Additionally, you can upload new files there.

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