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Stud.IP is a software package designed to support university courses. It is used by universities and other educational institutions. There is no centrally operated Stud.IP installation. Every operating institution has its own installation with its own adaptations and its own rules with regards to, e.g., the provision of access data.

You will find the Stud.IP Portal at the Internet address There you will find everything you need to know about Stud.IP’s objectives and functions. You also have the option of registering and logging in at the different locations at which Stud.IP is used. You can access the sites from any computer which has an Internet connection and view or change all of the information there. Even in semester breaks one can check to see whether there is anything new in the system from one’s holiday home in the Tuscany or from Mallorca.

The only prerequisites are Internet access, such as a modem, ISDN or DSL, and an Internet browser. (We recommend at least 4th generation software.) In addition, cookies must be activated.

Don’t worry! The system does not store any files on your computer, the cookie is only necessary so that the system recognises you as you move among the pages. The cookie is immediately deleted when you log out of the system. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a security risk arising from it.

In addition to these prerequisites, it is helpful if your browser can handle JavaScript, and if the latter is also activated. Stud.IP can indeed also be operated without JavaScript, but we can make many things easier for you with JavaScript (for example the operation of some pages).

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